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Digital Gas Flow Meter

Deluxe gases manufacturers Body Acrylic body or glass body with aluminum encased with appropriate float as per flow and gas requirement. Size Standard size available is 6"-8" length with needle valve Inlet & outlet connection Back side with 1/4", 1/8",hose connection with panel mounting, table mounting stand are also available Range Any range in LPM orml/min or LPH. we also accept orders as per customers requirement .

  • Direct Digital readout
  • Microcontroller Based
  • Digital Display of LED/LCD
  • Highly Accurate and fast readout
  • Useful for measuring any gas flowrate specially for G.C. & Analytical Instrument.
  • Free of operational & Human errors Table Mounting (soap solution based)
  • Portable (direct measurement)

Gas Mass Flow Meters And Controllers

Our mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are easy-to-use, benefit-rich instruments for gas flow measurement and control. The versatility of our devices is reflected in their numerous standard features.

Liquid flow meters and controllers

Alicat’s liquid flow meter and liquid flow controller lines are designed with laboratory and process automation in mind. These devices utilize the same principles of laminar flow that are used in our mass flow meters and controllers and are available in a variety of ranges.

Pressure controllers

Our pressure controllers can be configured for use in vacuum control applications as well as pressure control applications and offer customers a variety of cost saving features.