Leading manufacturer exporters and suppliers Of Gas Mixtures / Calibration Gas Mixtures in Pune

Deluxe Gases is a leader in the production of gas mixtures (also called calibration gases or cylinder gases) that are engineered to meet a wide range of measurement and process control requirements. Quality, consistency and purity are always incorporated throughout Deluxe Gases' production and laboratory facilities during the creation of each multi-component gas mixture.

Proton produces highly accurate and stable gas mixtures containing component concentrations as low as parts per million.

Our unique brand "PROGAS" offers a perfectly matching product performance to your application needs. Gas mixture classes are characterized by the degree of accuracy, level of traceability, blend tolerance, process accuracy, analytical accuracy and other critical parameters. With Deluxe gas mixtures and liquids, you have complete control over your calibration and process control standards-you can select the class of gas mixture with the characteristics that are most appropriate for your use, without sacrificing performance and without paying for tighter specifications than your application requires.