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GC Installation Diagram

GC Installation Diagram

Technical Specification

Application Filter Type Max. Inlet Impurity Level Max. Outlet Impurity Level Length End to End Capacity
Moisture Removal Silicagel / Molecular Sieve 20 ppm < 3 ppm 10" 210 CC
Hydro Carbon Removal Activated Charcoal / Carbon 10 ppm < 2 ppm 10" 210 CC
Oxygen Removal De-Oxo Chemical catalyst 10 ppm < 2 ppm 8" 125 CC
Partical Removal Micron Filter 25 mu < 0.5 mu 2"  
Pressure Regulators Maximum Inlet pressure 10kg/cm2 Optional pressure range 0-7 kg/cm2 with Neopren Rubber Diaphragm
Size of Pannel M420Wx600Hx87D in mm (Model GPP-01)
Net Weight 14 Kg (Model GPP-01)
Toggle valve On / Off type
Pressure Guages 0-10 Kg/cm2 Panel mounting
Panel Body Powder coated wall mounted design with optional safety frame & fully S. S. Body
Tubings S.S. / Copper / Nylon with colour coated sleeves
Optional Bigger size of oxytrap for LC-MS-MS & indicating oxytrap