Deluxe Gases Supplier Of GC Capillary Columns in Pune India

GC Capillary Columns

GC Packed Columns

One of hte product line we have been succcessfully catering to our customers over years is packed columns and our principals has become almost synonomoues with packed columns.

With over 25 years of experiece in this line of procducts and assuring high quality packed column with consistent reproducability we provide wide range of SS and Glass columns fo different makes of GC.

Why packed columns from us :

  • 1) Columns compatible for use on most GCs available in India
  • 2) Available in a variety of stationary phases
  • 3) Preconditioned with ultra high purity nitrogen, ready-to-use
  • 4) Guaranteed for performance
  • 5) Made to order
  • 6) Typically Deliveries-Within a week (amke this dotted)