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Gas Regulators

Industrial Gas Regulators

We Supply Gas Regulators which are made up of Stainless steel and Brass for gases such as :-

Oxygen Acetylene Nitrogen Argon CO2
Hydrogen Helium Compressed Air Medical Oxygen Nitrous Oxide
Liq. Nitrogen (with Can) UHP Gases Calibration Gases Mixed Gases Propane
Hydrochloric Acid Methane Ethane Ethylene Propylene
Cis -2-Butene Iso Butane N - Butane Iso Butylene 1 Butene
H,S CO Neon Krypton Phosgene
Boron Tnflounde (BF3) Trans-2-Butene Freon Fire Extinguishers  
Chlorine Ammonia Ethylene Oxide Sulphur Dioxide  
  • Made up of top grade stainless steel and brass
  • Widely used for gas cutting or welding purpose
  • Have built in safety relief valve and flow control needle valve at the outlet
  • Also used as adjustable pressure regulator for LPG/ Natural Gas
  • Suitable for high pressure applications as well
  • Completely corrosion resistant