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Lecture Bottles

Lecture Bottles

Apart from our specified range of various industrial gases, we also manufacture and supply a wide assortment of specialty gases that finds applications in various industries for some specific requirements. We produce these specialty gases strictly in adherence to international quality parameters.

Gases in Lecture Bottles 
Description Fill Volume  Valve Material  Purity
Air (Synthetic)  57 lits  B N2.6
Allene (1,2 Propadiene)  170 g  B N2.0
Ammonia 170 g  ASB N3.8
Argon 57 lits B N5.0
Boron Trichloride 454 g  ASB N3.0
Boron Trifluoride  170 g  ASB N2.5
Bromomethane (Methyl bromide)  454 g  B N2.5
1,2-Butadiene 100 g  B N1.8
1,3-Butadiene 170 g  B N2.0
n-Butane 170 g  B N2.5
1-Butane 170 g  B N2.0
cis-2-Butane 170 g  B N2.0
trans-2-Butene 170 g  B N2.0
mixed-2-Butenes 170 g  B N2.0
Carbon Dioxide  227 g  B N3.0
Carbon Monoxide  50 lits  N2.0
Carbon tetrafluoride (R14)  27 g  B N5.5
Carbonyl Sulphide  227 g  B N1.7
Chlorine 454 g  ASB N3.0
Cyclopropane 25 g  B N2.0
Dimethylether 170 g B N2.0